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Enable sound greeting at Windows 10 startup

Enable sound greeting at Windows 10 startup

As is known, every user - this individual person, that somehow configures the operating system to fit your needs, respectively, each in this respect, its troubles and "cockroaches". This is why some users will certainly want to include the welcome sound when you start Windows 10 in order to always hear how their "ten" is launched.

In fact, in order to turn on the sound operating system, not what the welcome makes it difficult not necessary, as you just need to simply understand that the sound files initially available in the operating system, and do not manifest themselves sound they are only for the reason that they have disconnected developers in order to optimize the launch of Windows 10. We, in turn, "spit on optimizing" and do everything the way we like it more.

Go to the "classic Control Panel" and find the icon "Sound", which need to be open:

In the newly opened window go to the tab "Sounds", and then next to "Play a melody run Windows» put a tick:

All, include the welcome sound when you start Windows 10 turned out easier than ever!

As an option, you can still, and try to use registry tweak, but for this you need to: using the command «regedit» make opening the Registry Editor, where the left column to pass the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Authentication / LogonUI / BootAnimation.

In the last section you will be presented a 32-bit-a DWORD value named «DisableStartupSound»:

Now, in order to turn the sound greetings at the start of Windows 10, set the value to "0", and in order to disable the voice greeting, set the value to "1".