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En DLL-library with icons in Windows 10

En DLL-library with icons in Windows 10

Some PC users, have had to replace their own icons of folders in Win 10, and therefore, you have seen how the operating system offers an alternative version of the icon, which is located in SHELL32.dll file, which in turn is in the system32 folder.

In order to facilitate the above-described self-brief procedure, you need a own DLL-library with icons in Windows 10, which will be for you a kind of "container" or "library". The peculiarity of this store is that learning how to create it once, it always you will have at your fingertips and, if necessary, you can use it for purposes other than storage of icons. Also you will be able to quickly create a new repository that you will be just as necessary for other purposes ... In addition, this method is ideal for those of you who do not want to use the SDK Microsoft Visual Studio and even more so, not It does not have any knowledge of programming languages C ++, or VB.NET.

In order to have turned out all right, you need to download the utility Anolis Resourcer and the icons in the «ICO» format with a resolution of less than 256x256 pixels, you are going to use. Immediately give you advice on what icons you use, it is best to rename such a way that it was easier to use them, because otherwise great chance to get confused.

Runs Anolis Resourcer and do the following log: Click on «File» → «New» → save the currently empty DLL file in a convenient place for you. Please note that saved DLL file must necessarily have a name in the Latin alphabet «ico.dll».

Now, the future dynamic library, will be displayed on the left side of the working tools of the window.

Click on the button «Import» in order to have opened a window in which you specify the path to your icons using the «Browse» button:

After you click on "OK" in the left side of the tool window (looks like a column), you'll see two newly created folder named "Image Icon" and «Icon Directory» - icon will be stored in these folders.

When you desire, you can use to customize the icons with the help of various options, among which there is even the background.

It remains to alternately add all icons across the tool and finally, click on «Save», which will save the library in the directory from which you took the icon.

That's all! Your own DLL-library with icons in Windows 10 is ready to use and you can fully enjoy it as much time as you like. In addition, with this library, you can put all sorts of experiments, that is as convenient and in its practical, so that the version of its operating system settings you certainly should please.