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Dynamic Lock Error in Windows 10

Dynamic Lock Error in Windows 10

Considering the situation when the Dynamic Lock error in Windows 10 appears, it becomes clear that it appears most often after the operating system is upgraded to Windows 10 Crater Updates. Just after this kind of update, Bluetooth, which until recently could be used as a connecting element between a PC and a smartphone, is not working. Thus, when a user wants to run the "Dynamic Lock" option, he sees persistent error messages and is not able to perform this operation.

But whatever it was, we did find out what it was necessary to do in order for Dynamic Lock to function properly. You just take a library named "DeviceFlows.DataModel.dll" from an earlier version of the OS and transfer it to the version of OS that you are currently using. In order to do all of the above, we can offer you a couple of completely different options that converge in the final result:

Download the finished library file from our server.

Download an earlier version of the ISO image of Windows 10 and extract the library file yourself.

If you select the first option, then everything is clear with it ... But if the choice falls on the second option, then for its implementation you will not only need to download the ISO image -> then, mount it -> go to the folder with the name "source" using Archiver "7-Zip" (you can use some other archiver) -> find a file called "install.wim" -> and just pull out the "DeviceFlows.DataModel.dll" library from this file.

Now that you have the "DeviceFlows.DataModel.dll" library, you need to go to your operating system like this: C: \ Windows \ System32, where in the last folder, the library of the same name will be located, your library "DeviceFlows.DataModel.dll". Accordingly, you will need to somehow copy the workable library to a folder where a non-working library is located and for this you will need to rename the file "DeviceFlows.DataModel.dll" to "DeviceFlows.DataModel.dll.bak", but you just need to understand that this The file is the property of "TrustedInstaller" and in order to make any changes to it, you will have to change its owner to a normal user.

Users can be replaced most easily using a utility called "TakeOwnershipEx". Once you run the utility, then right click on the "Get permissions" button and accordingly, make all the necessary user rights replacements.

It is here, you have to specify the path to the library.

Once the rights are obtained, everything will look the same as in the screenshot below.

Now, again we are trying to rename "DeviceFlows.DataModel.dll" to "DeviceFlows.DataModel.dll.bak" and at the end, we get a full replacement of one file, to another file.

To finally make sure that the Dynamic Lock error in Windows 10 is gone, restart the operating system and try to start Bluetooth in order to synchronize the PC and the smartphone together and test the "Dynamic Lock" function in full activity.