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Disable "Windows Update 10" - use insider versions

Disable "Windows Update 10" - use insider versions

We often tell you about how to disable certain elements of the new operating system. So this time, we decided to tell you about how we disable "Windows Update 10" - use insider versions.

For those who have not figured out yet, the above action is done so that the user once again does not see what he absolutely does not need! Specifically in this case, we offer to completely and completely give up this notification: "Update Center" messages of the following nature: "Good news! Soon will be released an update of Windows 10 for... ". Immediately, after the message, there is a button that allows you to register...

In order to do what we have planned, we will have to use the tweak of the Win 10 registry: use the "regedit" command to open the registry editor and in it, go to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsUpdate \ UX \ Settings.

We draw your attention to the fact that if you notice that there is no section from the above path, then you will need to create it yourself!

Once you are in the "Settings" directory, immediately create a 32-bit parameter of type "DWORD" and assign the newly created parameter the name of the following: "HideMCTLink". Set the "HideMCTLink" parameter to a numeric value that is equal to one.

Do the following action log, which looks like this: close the "Registry Editor" -> make the opening of "Windows Update" -> go to the "Settings" -> check to make sure that there is no Microsoft application!

So, we disable "Windows Update 10" - use insider versions and in the same way, you can disable a large number of all kinds of advertising, which has been recently exposed by Microsoft. So, experiment and get from your experiments a real pleasure!