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Disable showing recommended Windows 10 applications

Disable showing recommended Windows 10 applications

All good time of day friends ... If you use the operating system Windows 10, then for sure, you can already repeatedly notice that Microsoft is quite strong and compulsively trying to promote various products of its developers. The promotion of software and applications in this case looks like a hidden advertisement, which sometimes appears in the form of small commercials in various areas of the system, but more often than not, we have the opportunity to see the advertisement on the Start menu itself. Of course, this obsession does not irritate much, but there are situations where you just do not need this advertisement because it can distract from some workflow, for this reason, we decided today to more globally consider this problem and try to tell you how we are working in situations where we need to disable showing recommended apps in Windows 10.

Before you begin the process of configuring your operating system, we would like to note that in these settings no additional programs will be necessary. We also will not use third-party applications or HTML codes, which for most of you are somewhat incomprehensible, since you do not have certain knowledge of the direction of programming and the introduction of codes into the system.

How to disable the display of advertising applications Windows 10?

So, at the initial stage, you and I will need the "Personalization" section. In order to get into this section, there are two ways:

  • The first and simplest way is to use the context menu, which can be opened on the "Desktop". In order to open the shortcut menu on the Desktop, you need to right-click in the empty area of the "Desktop" and as soon as the context menu appears, it will need to find the item "Personalization" by clicking on it with the left mouse button, and then you should go to the "Start" section.
  • The second way is the log of the following actions... You can go to the "Personalization" section using the "Parameters" panel, from where you go to "Personalization", and from there go to "Start".

What is the simpler way for you, to choose only you, most importantly, that in the end, you are in the settings menu "Start".

Now, you and I are interested in the "Start" window and its middle part, since it is there that we find the item "Sometimes shows the suggestion (recommendations) in the Start menu" and opposite this item we switch the switch to the "Off" position. As soon as you perform this procedure, the obtrusive advertisement in the "Start" menu will be immediately disabled.

So, literally in a few minutes, you can disable showing recommended apps in Windows 10, which will allow you in the future not to get annoyed once again from obsessive advertising offers that are constantly added to your system from Microsoft servers when the first connection to the Internet.