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Disable Driver Update Windows 10 Creators Update

Disable Driver Update Windows 10 Creators Update

Surely, you have often dreamed about what it would be very cool if you had a function that would have had an opportunity to make Disable Driver Update Windows 10 Creators Update. Here are the many dreams of the tenth generation of the operating system users, though not always, but sometimes still have the opportunity to come true, and this time, this situation is no exception.

"Exception" the situation has not become the reason that about driver updates along with access to updates for the operating system itself, very often there are a large number of users PC problems that cause either completely abandon the OS updates, or every time reseed updated drivers to earlier.

In order to make a trip for driver updates, you need to: Go to the application "Options" -> go to "Update and Security" section -> find the subsection "the Windows Update» ( «Windows Update") and in it, click 1 once the link «Advanced options» ( «Advanced settings") -> Advanced, deselect the checkbox «Include driver updates when I update Windows» ( «Enable driver updates when updating the Windows").

Thus Disable Driver Update Windows 10 Creators Update will occur at 100%, so you can no longer worry about the fact that the driver will be updated, as all the updates are turned off once and for all. But just remember that this shutdown update applies only to drivers, but it does not obtain the Windows 10 operating system.