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Dark Edge Theme by Chromium

Dark Edge Theme by Chromium

Working at the computer is always nice, especially if you have to use the Windows 10 operating system, but agree that there are even applications in it that I would like to see from a slightly different visual angle. One such software add-on is a dark theme for Edge on Chromium, since users constantly have to work with its bright counterpart, but with a dark one, it wasn’t even necessary to meet in most cases. With such a software extension, you probably could not yet interact, because it is not currently accessible to the ordinary man in the street and has a more complicated log of actions at startup, which is planned to be simplified in the future. But no matter how it was there, the possibility of using a dark theme takes place in your browser, which means you need to start using it, since it is possible that this “update” you will like much more than the usual - light software add-on.

Activate Dark Theme for Edge by Chromium

We again draw your attention to the fact that in the future, this software setting will become easier in terms of use, this time, you have to use what is!

First, you need to use the panel used for the advanced browser settings → in the empty search field, enter the command “edge: // flags” → in the results we find the item “Microsoft Edge theme” using the stirrup drop-down menu with variations to the action, select only “Enable”.

The operation will allow any user to notice that the Microsoft Edge browser has become fully adjusted to the color scheme of the operating system. Thus, each user has the ability to quickly, and without additional gestures, make even if not cardinal settings of the software, but visually change it very much.

Also, some of you may need the opportunity tied to the auto-transition from light to dark theme and in this case, you should use: “Developer Tool” → we are interested in the “Developer Tools Microsoft Edge themes” option, you can also run using the empty search box and the query “edge: // flags / # edge-devtools-themes” → and then you can use the options to manually control the themes by clicking on “Settings” → go to “Preferences Appearance” → use the specialized section "Theme".

It doesn't matter which of the options for activating the dark theme for Edge on Chromium in Windows 10 you are going to choose where it’s more important that even in so much “primitive” appearance in terms of settings, everything will work as correctly as possible and if necessary , the subject may be brought back to the bright colors in a few seconds.