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Copy Theme in Windows 10

Copy Theme in Windows 10

You must admit that in order to give the working OS the exact look that could satisfy all user needs, each user performs a sufficient number of actions that, taken together, give him exactly the working environment that is most optimal for him. That’s why, when it comes to performing a “reset of system settings” or reinstalling the OS, enormous problems begin with “restoring the working environment”. In addition, situations where the settings are all on one computer are not uncommon, you don’t feel like doing the same job on another computer and in such a situation, there’s nothing better to do than create a backup copy of the theme in Windows 10, which subsequently will work perfectly on any computer in the environment of which it will be launched.

It is worth noting that the creation of a backup topic will be performed at the expense of OS resources and it will be able to cover:

  • Sounds;
  • Color scheme of windows;
  • Background "Background";
  • Color pattern saver.

How to make a copy of the theme in Windows 10?

To perform these actions, you will need to: use the “Settings” application → go to the “Personalization” section → go to the “Themes” tab → make a choice of the theme used → use the “Save Theme” button.

A small dialog box should open, which allows you to set the name of the saved project by using the "Topic name" field → you just have to click on "Save".

A saved topic must necessarily appear in the “Quick Theme Application” area, which means that you can right-click on it and use the button for action - “Save Theme for Sharing”.

In the window with the name “Saving”, you should indicate the path to save the backup copy of the Win 10 theme → if necessary, give it a new name / leave the old one → save the performed actions.

The saved file will have the extension of the ZIP-archiver, but only slightly modified, and the file itself will receive the format "deskthemepack".

Thus, a copy of a theme in Windows 10 can be considered fully created and if you double-click on “deskthemepack”, you will notice that the file has been added to the “List of installed themes”, which will allow you to use them and install it on the computer on which it may be required.