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Color of windows in Windows 10

Color of windows in Windows 10

Having started working with Win 10, you were probably surprised at how much the given system is filled with various add-ons, which in all senses are unique. All this, in its entirety, allowed you not to pay attention to the numerous small details that are present in the system. But only after a while, you probably have a desire to make the operating system more unique and as a result, you decided to tailor it for yourself. In this kind of system settings it's not possible to leave the color of windows in Windows 10 without your attention, and everything from the fact that due to its replacement, it is possible to make the appearance of the opening windows more interesting. But at first glance this task did not seem simple, in fact not all users were available, because they simply did not know where exactly in the "top ten" there is a setting of the color gamut of windows. That's why, we want to tell you about it today in the smallest detail, so that you can customize the colors of the system windows the way you want.

How do I customize the color of windows in Windows 10?

First, right-click on the empty area of the desktop to open the context menu, in which you can select the item "Personalization".

In the "Personalization" window, you need to refer to the "Colors" item.

In a new window, your main task will be to find the item "Automatic selection of the main color" and move the switch opposite it to the "Off" position.

If you all made the rule that in the window before you instantly there will be some metamorphosis that will allow you to see the familiar color palette for you. The use of color in the "palette" will allow you to repaint:

  • Headers;
  • Task Panels;
  • Tiles;
  • Other parts of the GUI OS.

Thus, the color of windows in Windows 10 can be replaced by any PC user who is really interested in this and is ready to spend at least 2-3 minutes of free time adjusting his system.