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Clock with seconds in Windows 10

Clock with seconds in Windows 10

Agree that we are all accustomed to the fact that almost every day we use a PC for several hours in a row. Of course, such use can not pass for most users unnoticed and for this, they use not only the basic features of the OS, but also additional ones, such as: “Calendar”, “Notes”, “Clock” and so on. All this is convenient and practical, but very often, even the “standard” system capabilities are not enough and you want something more and as the frequency of requests on the Internet shows, many users are looking for an opportunity to make hours with seconds in Windows 10. Of course, this idea may seem meaningless to someone, but it is on the condition that they do not need such exact time, and those who need it, this functional addition for the OS will like, especially, to implement it very simply.

How to make a clock with seconds on the "Taskbar" in Windows 10?

In order to add seconds to the clock in the "Taskbar", you must create a backup of the OS, this will minimize the problems that may arise if some kind of system failure occurs.

Now, click in the empty area of the “Desktop” and create a “Text Document” there (use the “standard” Notepad application) → copy the following code into the created “text document”:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced]

"ShowSecondsInSystemClock" = dword: 00000001

In the “text document” itself, navigate to the “File” tab → in the additional menu that opens, select “Save As” → in the newly opened window, write the name of your file in the “File Name” field and the ".reg" extension (in our case, an example looks like this: "seconds.reg", you may have a different name for the file) → use the "Save" button → on the Desktop, find the file with the name you specified and the extension ".reg" and double-click it with the left mouse click

It remains only to confirm your intention to make a change by selecting the appropriate button in the additional window that opens → to reboot the OS and you will notice how the clock with seconds in Windows 10 began to be fully displayed on the "Taskbar".

If the above action log is complicated for you, we suggest: download the ready-made ".reg" file from our server → unarchive it → launch the file by double-clicking the left mouse button → restart OS → make sure everything worked out.

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