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Child protection in a family group - Windows 10

Child protection in a family group - Windows 10

If your family has a child who has reached the age when he had his own gadget at his disposal, then you need to think carefully about how to protect your child from unwanted exposure to it, from miscellaneous dirty tricks that can wait for the immature psyche baby In order to do this, you do not need to be a big specialist and use a bunch of additional software, since if you use the Windows 10 operating system, then child protection in the family group will be no problem for you, because the developers of this OS provided for its use by various family members and were able to introduce into their offspring algorithms that are able to block:

  • Spam;
  • Phishing;
  • Irrelevant advertising.

In order to abstract the child’s device from all of the above, it is necessary to launch a family group of accounts, which will allow all family members to be online all the time, provided that the following platforms are used:

  • Windows 10;
  • Xbox One;
  • Android with Microsoft Launcher.

For your part, the action log should look like this: you log into your Microsoft account and create a “family group”, after which you send all seven members an invitation to join this group. As soon as all members of the seven receive your invitations, they will be able to block everything potentially dangerous for the child. In addition, parents will always be able to:

  • Check the sites visited by a child;
  • Limit the time spent in the network;
  • Receive additional reports on baby device activity.

In addition, you will always have the opportunity to remove any member of the group, if for good reason.

In general, child protection in a family group - Windows 10 does not involve only monitoring on the Internet and subject to using the device, since you can additionally:

  • Have the ability to track the location of your child;
  • It will be possible to impose restrictions on purchases in the "Microsoft Store" with the help of the option "Ask Parent";
  • Perform the creation of events in the family calendar.

All of the above, in its entirety, will allow you not only to control the child, but to limit him from everything for which he is still too small. In addition, as a child studies the Internet space, each parent will be able to remove the sanctional control options, which will give the child the opportunity to make decisions in specific situations related to the numerous problems waiting for him on the Internet.