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Child account in Windows 10

Child account in Windows 10

At the moment, even though the software world has developed quite a lot, few of the parents try to restrict their children by software, and this, as a consequence, in the future, is beginning to affect adversely their age development. That's why we advise you to make sure that child account in Windows 10, everyone had their own. Of course, you might think that this is a bit stupid and even difficult to some extent to implement, but if you understand, everything is much easier than it might seem and use this setting is certainly worth every parent who is for safe use of a home computer with Windows 10.

How do I create a child account with the default parental control settings?

In order to maximize the implementation of parental control on the computer, you need to create an account for the child who will use it. The creation of an account is made using the "Settings" section by clicking on the combination of "hot keys" Win + I -> open "Accounts" -> click on "Family and other users" -> and it remains to select the item "Add a family member" .

Now, before you should open a window in which you need to find the item with the speaking title "Add a child account" and then, you will need to add the child's e-mail. Note that if your child does not yet have an e-mail address and you select "No", the system will automatically force you to create e-mail, already at the next stage.

In a new window, everything will be logically understandable, since there you will need to write down the following data for your child:

  • name and surname;
  • email;
  • password;
  • a country;
  • date of birth of the child.

If, for some reason, your child's age is less than 8 years, the system will automatically enable increased security for the account you are creating.

At one of the last stages, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number and email address so that if you need to restore a child's account, it was as easy as possible to do it.

Immediately, we note that the moment you are invited to include "Microsoft Advertising", but it seems to us that this option is not worth your attention because of the numerous advertisements from Microsoft, so it's easier to refuse it.

From now on, with complete confidence, you can say that the child's account in Windows 10 was completely created by you, but only the best way is to create the first login with the newly created account yourself, as in some cases You will need additional information for the system, and your child will not have it. In addition, you may need to make some more settings to the created account, so you must be ready for them.

An important aspect in managing a child's account is the ability to apply the necessary settings through the means of the parent account, even via the Internet using the account.microsoft.com/family resource.

In order to make the changes to the child's account as quickly as possible, you have to go the following way: open "Windows through Settings" -> go to "Accounts" -> open "Family and other users" -> select "Manage family settings through the Internet".

How do I configure my child account in Windows 10?

Once you get to the family settings management page via the Internet, then immediately the entire list of your family's accounts will be opened. Accordingly, you here have to select that child account that you want to configure.

Always on the main account page will be the following settings:

  • "Reports on actions" - will allow you to fully and fully monitor the child if necessary. This option is always enabled by default.
  • "InPrivate Browsing" - allows you to browse various Internet pages using the "Incognito" option. This will minimize the collection of information about the pages visited. It should be noted that this option is disabled by default for all children under 8 years old.
  • On the left (below) - there is some list of individual settings with actions. The peculiarity of this list is that it will be filled only after the account is actively used.

What does the list of individual settings and information in the Windows 10 account look like?

  • "Web browsing". Here everything is quite simple, as potentially dangerous sites for the child will be automatically blocked by the system. In addition, your child will only use "safe search" and not something that he does not need to see, he will not meet in it. If you have a need to block a particular site, then you can do it right away - manually. We draw your attention to the fact that the blocking of potentially unwanted resources worked 100%, your child should only use Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers, all the others should be blocked on the PC or deleted.

  • "Applications and games." Here you will find information about those applications and games that uses the child account in Windows 10. Not only will you see what and when it was launched, so you will also have the opportunity to track the time interval of a particular application or game. Thus, if you see that among the games or applications that were running there was something that your child does not need to use, you can easily block it (the blockage is made only after the applications or the game appeared in the list).

  • "Duration of the session." Thanks to this option, you can see the time interval in which your child was at the computer. Thus, here you can adjust the time in such a way that your child can be at the computer and use it fully only in the time that is optimal for your parental opinion.

  • "Shopping and spending." This is a small section that allows you to monitor where and when your child spends money. Here you can set everything up so that the child does not spend money, or you have allocated to him for the purchase of games and applications some amount that he could spend, so to say had a certain monetary limit.

  • "Search for a child." Another great option that will allow you to track the location of your child, provided that it uses: tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc., which have an option of somebody.

How does Parental Control work in Windows 10?

In general, this function is very justified, since any child account in Windows 10 thanks to it, it turns out to be just perfectly protected. In addition, it is worth noting and some more points that you too will be interesting, when using this add-on.

  • When working with questionable sites, all their content is blocked in browsers Edge and Internet Explorer just fine, in other browsers, everything is much sadder. In addition, if the site has been blocked incorrectly, your child can always ask you for account permissions to unlock a specific resource and this is undoubtedly a big plus, as you see exactly what it wants to visit your child while on a PC.

  • When working with specific applications and the launch time of the PC, there are some not so convenient moments, since the display of the above data appears for a long time with a long delay. Thus, the child today launched an application that you would not want it to launch, but only tomorrow, you will see this action and you can block this application. According to some reports, the flaw in this plan, in the near future will be corrected!

  • Also, at the moment there are some problems with the display of visited sites and installation of free applications from the Windows Store. Actions that the child has visited something or installed, may also not be displayed. But again, this problem is temporary and will soon be corrected.