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Change the size of system fonts Windows 10 Crеators Uрdаte

Change the size of system fonts Windows 10 Crеators Uрdаte

Surely, you already managed to notice that with the release of the version of "Créators Uðdate", many options for setting up the system in Win 10 became limited. It is for this reason, now you can not "standard way" to set the most optimal for you size: text headers, menu, desktop shortcuts,some interface elements.

It is for this reason that we suggest that you learn how changing the size of the Windows 10 System Vertex system font is, subject to editing the system registry of the operating system.

Just note that in order to minimize erroneous editing in the system registry, we recommend that you use a utility called "System Font Size Changer".

Features of System Font Size Changer

  • Full ability to change font size for window titles;
  • Full ability to change the names of labels "Desktop";
  • Full ability to change tooltips;
  • Full ability to change windows with different messages;
  • Full-featured ability to change various system menus.

How to work with System Font Size Changer

Double click on the executable file in order to run the utility, after the first start of the utility System Font Size Changer, it prompts you to create a backup copy of the REG file. WindowMetrics are fonts in the OS without any changes made to them. Once everything is saved, the main window opens before you, in which, you can just make all the settings by selecting one of the 6 items at the top of the window, dragging the slider and the "Export" and "Apply" buttons.

Each of the six buttons at the top of the window allows you to switch between OS interface elements.

  • The slider allows you to increase or decrease the font size.
  • The "Apply" button allows you to save the settings (you will have to switch to the system).
  • The "Export" button allows you to save the settings created by you in the registry.
  • "System Font Size Changer" will allow you to change the font density and themes.

Changing the size of the system fonts Windows 10 Crеators Uрdаte in this way is quite practical, since it does not require from you any additional knowledge of programming languages or something else. In addition, if necessary, you can at any time make new changes to your system.