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Change the color of the "Start" menu and taskbar in Windows 10

Change the color of the "Start" menu and taskbar in Windows 10

Every person - is a person! And who would not say, and each "personality" every effort is made to entirely change the certain moments in their lives, that they were quite similar to that surrounds most of the average PC user. For this reason, we have decided to offer you to learn how you can change the color of the "Start" taskbar and menu in Windows 10 in such a way that it was you just such a color, which you have always dreamed of!

The peculiarity of this method change menu color scheme "Start" and "Taskbar" is that this method does not require third-party software, and even more so, you do not have to use not some registry tweaks, as you'll simply just enjoy "standard" set of options, which can offer you Windows 10. 1. Go to the "Start" menu and make the opening paragraph "System Settings":

2. In the "System Settings", you need to look for the icon of the "Personalization" and click on it:

3. In the menu on the left block, you need to click on the item "Colors", then you'll see the color hue, which was originally set to the default Microsoft, and then you will be able to choose the color to fit your needs:

4. Once you have selected your colors, you will need to come down on this settings page below and set to "On." Switch off against the item "Show color in the" Start "menu on the taskbar and notification center":

Once you have done all the above, then immediately be able to visually see that you have managed to change the color of tasks and the "Start" menu bar in Windows 10 and it now looks exactly the way you wanted to.
We also note that it is not what will not have to adjust the restart, or in addition, as all the settings take effect immediately after you save them!