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Calendar with Windows 10 Search

Calendar with Windows 10 Search

Do not touch on the topic that shows what the Calendar with Search in Windows 10 is... We are in modern reality, we just simply could not, because its simplicity is hidden under a certain thickness of user illiteracy and stupidity, which ultimately leads to the fact that most of you do not know about the functional features of the software with which they have to periodically encounter.

This time, our attention was attracted by the Search, which is located in the Calendar of the operating system, and all from the fact that they practically do not use anyone, because among the majority of those who work with such a popular OS application, there are few true connoisseurs of new functions and they “In the old manner” they do everything that had been done before, refusing to itself the colossal pleasure not only to learn something new, but to simplify their lives.

So that, it was clear, we will explain... We’ll use the functionality of Windows 10 with all the latest updates, since some of the “raw builds” of systems that still walk across the Internet are missing for some reason That option, which will be discussed below. It is difficult to say what exactly the lack of Search in the Calendar is connected with... So, keep this fact in mind!

Calendar with Windows 10 Search

This hour, all users who do not use the tenth generation OS from time to time, but constantly interact with it, are aware that the “standard” Calendar application has been able to search for notes among countless dates. And what is very remarkable, everything is done in a few mouse clicks...

It is enough to launch the system application “Calendar” in full screen mode → having found the upper part of the application field in which you can register a search query, perform this action → to start a search for keywords / phrases, simply press the Enter key or use the magnifying glass icon → search, it will be done very quickly and soon, you will have the opportunity to explore the options offered by the OS for their exact match with what you initially tried to find → you just have to choose that “unity” nny ”- the desired option and edit it or delete it from the Calendar.

Remember that the more complete the search query you register, the smaller the number of previously similar options you get as a result of the issue, as the Calendar with Search in Windows 10 is quite multifaceted and with a small amount of information it can offer more inaccurate search results.

We hope that thanks to this approach to using the Calendar application of the system, you will be able to find specific calendar dates in a timely manner and edit your notes in them.