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Black Explorer for Windows 10

Black Explorer for Windows 10

Despite the fact that developments in this area of visualization of the operating system are only underway, it is worth noting that any PC user already has the opportunity to use Black Explorer for Windows 10, which is designed to change the appearance of the OS quite a lot . Thanks to the black photon, which will appear in numerous system sections, each user will be able to feel that his usual working space has become completely different and now, working in his environment is much more pleasant than it was before. Also, not unimportant role here plays the fact that numerous programs and applications recently also received from their developers the opportunity to visualize from light to darker tones and as a result, you will have the opportunity in a few clicks to perform an almost ubiquitous transition of the used software from light tones to darker. Thus, it will be much more pleasant for any PC user to work with the color parameters of the programs and the operating system as a whole adapted to their own taste.

How bad is black Explorer for Windows 10?

Today, quite a large part of the work has been done, but to achieve the maximum effect from using the new function, the developers from Microsoft will continue their work and over time, many more software options will be available for changing color polish.

It is also reported that specialized settings can be added to the OS, which will enable switching on and off of the black color gamut in specific sections. But for now, it's all just in the plans and when it will be implemented, it is difficult to say.

How to enable black explorer for windows 10?

To get started, go to the Settings panel, as it seems to us, the easiest way is to use the “Win + I” hot keys, but if this method is not convenient for you, you can use the Start menu or other options known to you launch the Settings panel.

Take the opportunity to go to the "Personalization" section, because it is in it that you can customize the color of the Windows 10 operating system by switching to the "Colors" subsection.

Please note that in the “Colors” subsection, in the central part of the open window, there will be the item “Select the application's default mode”, which currently has two options for displaying the color palette: “Light” (it is checked by you by default) and "Dark" (it should be noted so that the Explorer becomes dark).

The simplicity of actions allows you to instantly see that the black Explorer for Windows 10 visually changed the color palette and now everything that had recently been light tones became completely dark and visually looks completely different than it was earlier.