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Automatic cleaning of the Downloads folder in Windows 10

Automatic cleaning of the Downloads folder in Windows 10

Do you know what is the automatic cleaning of the Downloads folder in Windows 10? Then it's time for you to find out, as for today - this is perhaps the most current option for cleaning the system in automatic mode from files that are downloaded from the Internet. The uniqueness of this method of cleaning is that it can be used by any user, regardless of his knowledge, since here, everything is as simple as possible.

This way of setting up the system can be attributed to its internal tools, which are used by more advanced users, since they are accustomed once to configure the software, and only then, only work at the computer and not how to not adjust all of its cleaning processes independently, as it follows already the system itself.

Also, it is worth noting that the way to configure the OS in this version, will please those of you who do not want to use additional software, because everything is built on the internal resources of Win 10 and nothing more.

In order to start the system setup, we suggest you perform a number of the following actions: you need to access the panel with the name "Options" → after that, go to the "System" → open the "Device memory" → switch the small switch to the " On ", which allows you to activate the" Memory monitoring "function.

A new step for you will be selecting the option "Memory Control", which allows you to delete certain types of temporary files. Here you must choose one of the 4 time slots that the system offers for deleting files. This is done by simply clicking on "Change the way to automatically free space" and is selected in the "Start memory monitoring" drop-down menu.

Now, you just have to decide on the time interval for selecting the cleaning folder "Downloads". Here, too, there are 4 options offered by the system and as a consequence, you must choose one of the most suitable for you. The choice is made by clicking on "Delete files in the Downloads folder" if they are there more".

Thus, automatic cleaning of the Downloads folder in Windows 10 can be configured in a matter of minutes, which allows you to bring the operation of the operating system to automatic, and you, free up the waste of time for those processes that are not of interest to you.