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As in Windows 10 to reduce brightness

As in Windows 10 to reduce brightness

Certainly, many PC users will agree with me that in recent years, they increasingly spend time on the computer and it is becoming a matter of course exercise. That's just such a plan pastime is not always useful, especially for the eyes, as in the latest version of Windows 10, though colors and looks nice, but long enough to work at the computer, eyes begin to hurt very much. For this reason, we decided to tell you, in Windows 10 to reduce brightness using your operating system, rather than the possibility of energy saving monitor used.

This method, referred to, will allow you to make the colors emitted by the monitor screen less bright, that you will almost immediately noticeable, because the eyes no longer hurt.

Method number 1

We make the discovery "Notification Center" -> find on the left side of the monitor button «Open» ( «Expand») and 1 time we click on it.

Before you will have to open a window with icons for various settings. It is here, you need to find the icon with the name "Blue» ( «Blue Light») and click on it.

Everything is now "feature blue light" will be reduced to setting "default" and you will work for a PC at times comfortable.

Method number 2

This method is a bit more complicated, but only for the reason that there is an opportunity not just to turn off the blue light function, but also customize the color scheme.

To start, you need to: go to the section "System" -> now the "Display" -> install the switch «Lower blue light automatically» to "On.".

Now, click on the «Blue light settings» ( «Settings blue"). Then, use the slider in order to adjust the intensity of the blue and, if necessary, set the time interval to monitor a specific amount of time the light is brighter or has a muted glow.

Thus, you now know about, in Windows 10 to reduce brightness, which will allow you to extend the time to transmit the computer and at the same time, the eyes you will not be sick anymore!