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As in Windows 10 to disable notification "Clean Startup"

As in Windows 10 to disable notification "Clean Startup"

Using the "top ten", you probably do not just have to notice all sorts of messages - notice that you need to do on my OS or that action on its purification, that will enable it to work faster and better. It is clear that all this is necessary for those users who constantly forgets to perform various operations contribute to cleaning of various areas of the operating system, where everything is stored and does not allow the system to work as quickly as possible. But if you are one of those users who own and most importantly, regularly watching "his Ten", then you need at least, disable notification "Clean Startup» on Windows 10, it's you and without obsessive posts by constantly doing "notification Center".

In order to turn off a notification of the need to clean startup, you must do the following: make the opening of the "Classical Control Panel" → in the panel, select "Administrative Tools» → «Task Scheduler." Now, you need to expand the left column in the window "Task Scheduler" branch under the name «Microsoft» → then go to "the Windows" → now open «Application Experience» → search for settings in a column in the middle with the name «StartupAppTask» → do click RMB found for «StartupAppTask» Settings → only now, you need to select "Disable":

If the above method proved to have complex and easier for you to work with the "Command Prompt", then offer you to use "the CMD" console, but only on condition that started it will be the name of "Administrator", and then, the following command will be executed in it:
schtasks / change / tn "\ Microsoft \ Windows \ Application Experience \ StartupAppTask" / disable

After that you do in Windows 10, disable notification "Clean Startup» you probably should have, so try these 2 methods, as they work almost always 100%.

Well, for those of you who do not want to do not like to bother with settings and consoles, offering simple to just use the Control Panel applet "Safety and Maintenance" and this is where to find what you want to disable. Just do not forget that it is this way of working 50 to 50, so that not all of it will be used, although it is the easiest!