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Application for monitoring sports events in Windows 10

Application for monitoring sports events in Windows 10

Few users know, if not at all, that no one knows that it has the ability to use the sports events monitoring application in Windows 10 without installing additional software into the system. Of course, on the one hand - it looks a bit stupid, because it seems that few people can be interested in such software, but if you drop a little deeper, it becomes clear that the fans of this program can have an incredible amount. This is why we want to talk about it in more detail, so that you always have the opportunity to follow sports events.

The uniqueness of this application lies in the fact that it works like an alarm clock that promptly informs the user that in the near future, there will be another match of his favorite team.

Also, it should be noted that the main application on which everything will be tied up is the "Outlook Calendar", which means that you will always have the opportunity to fully use this software, because it is quite easy to learn and has a lot of additional opportunities for working in different directions.

You can activate the tracking options that you need by running the Calendar application, where you go to the lower right corner, find the "≡" icon and open a small menu, click "Add calendar".

In a new window, you will be able to click on the button with the name "Sport", and after that, an additional option will open, allowing you to choose one of the available sports. The choice is made by simply clicking on the corresponding icon.

There are a number of sports fans who do not follow secondary competitions, as they are only interested in large-scale events. For such users, you can choose the main championship right in the "Add calendar" window.

After choosing the championship, you do not have to fill in the forms yourself, where the schedule of the games will be made, because when you connect to the Internet, this schedule will be loaded independently, using the Bing search engine.

We draw your attention to the fact that the simple choice of the tournament is not enough, since you must additionally choose the team (s) for which you will be sick.

Also, if necessary, any "Sports events calendar" that you have created can be deleted. The removal is made for the reason that it is not uncommon for a situation when there is no time to follow the championship or, there is a desire to follow other, more interesting team matches. Thus, right in the context menu, you make the selection of the Calendar, and only then, the "Delete calendar" button becomes active, which, in fact, needs to be clicked.

If you want the Calendars of sporting events to have different colors, then this is also not problematic, just select the color gamut for the specific calendar that you like best in the context menu.

So, there is an opportunity to use the sports events monitoring application in Windows 10, which in our opinion is quite practical and convenient. Moreover, in any situation, you have the opportunity to manipulate the settings of the application and adjust them for yourself.