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Add to context menu of Windows Explorer Defender options

Add to context menu of Windows Explorer Defender options

Today, we will focus on how you can add to Explorer context menu option Defender Windows in order to be used by many anti-virus became more accessible.

The essence of this addition lies in the fact that "the Windows Defender", "overgrown" in the context menu even more options, which will not be limited only to scan files and folders that will make the anti-virus software is even more convenient to use!

Accordingly, in order to add a new option in Windows Explorer to the main option, "Check with Windows Defender», you just need to simply produce 11 editing registry keys, which are located under the name «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE». It is clear that 11 edit registry keys, not every user agrees, which is why we suggest you download the file, which can be extracted to any convenient location and run the file to the name «DefenderMenuPlus.reg». Immediately after the end "merger", the changes immediately take effect and then reboot you do not have to!

New items can be seen in order to check out or not add a context menu Windows Explorer Defender option, you need to click RMB placing the cursor in the free space on the "Desktop" and the newly opened context menu use Windows Defender antivirus. It should be noted that as long as you hover the mouse pointer over the item in the context menu, which has the name of "the Windows Defender", you will see more about the five sub-items: "Open the main screen", "Settings", "update", "Quick Scan" and "Full scan".

P.S. Note that all of the above options, which will be added to the Explorer, will only be available on the "Desktop", so do not worry if they are in the other sections will not be visually seen.