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Activate the program autorun in Windows 10

Activate the program autorun in Windows 10

Surely, you have encountered in such a situation when you need to make sure that in the Windows 10 operating system, together with the launch of a computer or laptop, a stratum of some kind of software is produced. But most likely, you did not have the opportunity to perform this setting in the OS, since you could not find: “Where exactly is program activation activated in Windows 10?”. In order to allow you to get out of this situation, we suggest to study this article, in which, just and will talk about: "How to find the Startup folder and use it?"

So that you immediately remember, we explain... Everything that you need is right here along this path: "C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Main Menu \ Programs \ Startup".

If you need enough of the above path and then you know what to do, then you can not continue to read the article... Otherwise, below, you will find very useful information on how to set up the programs for automatic loading.

Activate the program autorun in Windows 10

To begin, you will need to create a shortcut to the program with which you will work. Now, go through the above path and “drag” the program Label you created into the “Startup” folder. Once you do this, you can safely perform a system reboot in order to check how the program you need to start when the computer starts.

If the above method does not suit you, then we recommend using the "Search" in the field, which, you prescribe the command "Run" or use the simultaneous click on the "Win + R".

In the window that opens, you will need to register in the input field "shell: startup" and click on the "Ok" button.

It remains to wait for the opening of the “Startup” folder and after that, the program shortcut can be moved there.

Thus, activating the autorun of the program in Windows 10 can be done very quickly in one of the ways that are convenient for you and what is most practical in this case is that you always have the opportunity to remove the program shortcut from the “Startup", which will lead to the deactivation of the launch program with the start of the computer.