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3D video in Windows 10

3D video in Windows 10

Today, we'll cover the topic of viewing 3D video in Windows 10, as it has recently become more relevant and relevant due to the fact that all kinds of "virtual reality glasses" are being progressively developed in the world.

The essence of this article is that using the "Cinema and TV" application that you have in Win 10, you will get the opportunity not to use "virtual reality glasses" that are incredibly expensive, but for all that, you will have the opportunity Watch 3D video on your computer and see how it really looks and how you can manage it while viewing without using special equipment.

Run 3D video in Windows 10

To begin with, you need to find on the open spaces of the Internet 3D video for Windows 10 and download it to your computer. Once the movie is downloaded, it's possible to start right-clicking through it, start the video in the "Cinema and TV" application.

The new stage is a left-click on the "Advanced Options Menu" (it looks like "..."), after which a small context menu opens, where only the item "Play as a panoramic video" should be of interest to you.

Expect the moment when the video player will switch to the playback format of the picture 360 degrees and in the upper right corner of the monitor screen will appear "Panorama Controller". The simplicity of the "Panorama Controller" is that if you click on its cent, the camera will straighten relatively to the horizontal view. If you use small "control arrows", depending on which of them you press, the camera will turn in that direction to show you the image.

It's also worth noting that 3D video in Windows 10 can be launched even if you have a regular video, but it's worth noting that such a video does not have a 360 panorama view and its appearance will be pretty crooked.