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Install Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10

 Install Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10

Many of you are accustomed to the fact that they have in Windows 7 is always at hand is "Studio", but clicking on Windows 10, they notice that it is no longer that actually becomes for most disorders, as replace the software, they do not and what can not. That is why, today, we have decided to tell you about how you can install Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10, that he again began to function fully and to please those who use it often enough.

As stated above, the unique Windows Movie Maker on a network simply just do not have, because on the one hand, this app looks simple enough, but on the other, very practical, making it the most versatile. For this reason, we do not recommend you to search its analogues, as to abandon quality tools from the fact that he did not appear in the "tens" after its renovation, not worth it!

As before, the "Studio Windows» is located in the Windows Store with the editors for Windows 10, and therefore, you should: find the software with the help of search → Download Windows Movie Maker → run the installer ( "Key components of Windows 2012» / «Windows Essentials 2012 ").

Please note that during installation of the package "Basic Windows 2012 components", you can see a whole set of programs installed: Microsoft OneDrive, Outlook connector, Messenger, «Album", "Mail", "blog editor" and "Studio". It is worth noting that if you do something out of all of the above is not necessary, or only necessary install Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10 and nothing apart from him, then it is necessary to make a "custom install" to cancel the installation is not relevant components and establish only the most necessary.

As you probably already guessed, you need to install the "Photo Album" and "Movie Maker", which will be available in the "Start" menu. Installed applications will be named «Movie Maker» and «Photo Gallery». During the installation or use of installed software, not what to do do not need to! Simply follow the prompts installer and work with the installed software in the same way as before.

Well, finally, we note that Windows Movie Maker is not updated at this time in 2012, which testifies to its obsolescence, which can lead to defective operation of certain features of the software.